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News: ¿What do we have?
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El Tio Pedro
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¿What do we have?

As a major features inside our server we have:

  • All Tibian Maps to the last update.
  • All of the monsters 100% balanced (by vanilla bestiary) by the Skydrive Studios Team.
  • All of the monsters with improved AI to match the Tibia Vanilla Experience.
  • Tibia Vanilla Events (Rapid Respawn, Double Experience, Double Reward).
  • All major and minor quests of Tibia done at 100% with the same behaviour as Tibia Vanilla (95% of them with quest logs), including:
    • The Dream Courts Quests (All bosses with their AI).
    • The Secret Library Quest (Falcons 100%, Asuras 100%, MoTA, etc with the RealTibia Behaviour).
    • Grimvale - The Curse Spreads (Foxtail Amulet).
    • The Heart of Destruction Quest (With the RealTibia reroll from Ankrahmun, Svargrond, etc).
    • Forgotten Knowledge Quest.
    • Ferumbras Ascending Quest.
    • Feyrist Quest.
    • The Percht Queen Quest Event.
    • Warzones from 1-6 100% as RealTibia with their tasks.
    • All addons quests and mountsAnd many many more...
  • Anti-rollback (If any crash or downtime happens, don't worry, our server will cover you on those cases)
  • Auto-backpack reopening system.
  • Daily Reward System with streaks.
  • Prey System with just bestiary monsters (Not customs, not training monks, bosses and weird creatures).
  • Transferible and non-transferible coins system for all countries including Venezuela.
  • New reformulled raid system with all of the Tibian Raids.
  • We've done missing stuff from the OpenTibia Commuity (Like weapon destroying items like vanilla).
  • Any bug being fixed fast and quick.

Some images:



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